Best diving in Thailand

Thailand is embedded with some the finest diving sites in the world and as a result of this hype has been proclaimed to be an aquatic haven for tourists from all over the globe. This flawless hub for water enthusiasts is enhanced by promenades of flawless beaches, intriguing nightlife and an exotic marine ambiance. The diving sites in Thailand are evenly spread all across the country, which eradicates the need for time restraints and allows you fulfil your diving desires at any point you deem necessary. Thailand is graced with a tropical climate and there are a few islands that engulf this weather at periodically or all year round, to bestow with an overwhelming diving experience.

The Islands of Hin Muang, Koh Haa and Hin Daeng are easily accessible from the city of Phuket and hosts five marine rock structures that form a natural lagoon in the midst of the Cobalt blue Ocean and are complimented with stunning marine life. Similan Islands is graced by an abundance of marine life to include Manta rays, sharks, whales, barracuda, leopard sharks, octopus, reef sharks, clown fish, lion fish and is rated as one of the 10 most gratifying getaways in the world, with the best time to visit set between October to May each year. It is recommended to equip yourself with cleaning stations, while you are exposed to the whale sharks and mantas. These islands offer overnight trips to ensure that you live and experience all they have to offer. The best time to visit the Similan Islands is from October to May each year.

One of the hidden gems of the Andaman Sea is the Island of Koh Pipe, which hosts its peak season between the months of October to May each year. This picturesque Island is set within an ambience filled with tranquillity and exquisite marine architecture. There is an abundance of coral reefs yet to be discovered and is home to an array of luxurious cruise liners.

Hin Nok is located on the North West tip of the Koh Kraden sanctuary and compromises of five pinnacles and a plateau. Hin Nok attracts a large number of ghost pipe fish and turtles, with the visibility varying through different times of the year. One of the larger and most prestigious Islands near Phuket is Phi Phi and nestles within a few kilometres of the Andaman Sea. Being the largest of them all, Phi Phi islands is declared to be the second largest beach country in the world and compromises of an array of islands including Bamboo Island.

Diving within the premises of the Phi Phi Islands is truly a gratifying experience and is flourished with tropical marine life, limestone cliffs and hosts an impressive cluster of five star resorts. Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh are the two islands that are part of the Koh Phi Phi chain of islands and is graced with ecstatic coral reefs and limestone cliffs that plunge down to the ocean floor at regular intervals. The Island is appointed with fifteen or more state of the art diving sites that are sure to render a memorable diving experience. The islands are preserved within the national marine park of the Krabi province, which differentiates the waters from the rest of the diving destinations in Thailand. The Phi Phi Islands are by far one of the most appealing diving venues in Thailand, with something special for all ages.

Thailand is well connected locally and globally and there is no better reason to visit this tropical paradise of the Andaman Sea.

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